Why Choose an Electric Fireplace?

Do you have an old and inefficient gas fireplace in
your home that is long overdue for replacement?  More and more of of our customers are choosing to replace their old gas unit with a modern electric firebox by Dimplex.

Electric fireplaces can be a perfect option to replace a nonfunctional or drafty gas fireplace as they do not require a vent and they cost approximately 1/3 the price of a gas fireplace.  The conversion can usually be done without a wall renovation, allowing you to keep your existing tiles and mantel if you want.

The new Dimplex inserts come with quiet ceramic heating systems that automatically adjust fan speed and heater wattage to match the requirements of the room.  They also have ECO modes and a Heat Boost system, but the best feature is that you can turn the heat off completely in the warm months to enjoy the ambiance of the flame year round.  If you have a new heat pump or high efficient furnace, you can still enjoy the look of the fire without generating heat.

Electric fireplaces are not a burn hazard for children as they are cool to the touch, so they are more suitable for rec rooms, play areas, restaurants, offices and public areas than gas fireplaces. They also require less maintenance than a gas fireplace, for example, the inside of the glass does not require cleaning.

Electric fireboxes are narrow and therefore take up little floor space, making them ideal for renovations.  They can suit contemporary or traditional designs as you can select modern glass media beds or realistic logs with inner glow technology. Many styles offer remote controls that even change the color of the flames from orange to blue, purple, green and more.

The long linear landscape styles are easy to achieve in when renovating with an electric fireplace. They are much less expensive to purchase and install than an equivalent sized gas fireplace partly owing to the fact that venting to the exterior is not needed. They also are the preferred firebox if a tv is going to be placed above the unit, because an electric fireplace does not have the potential to overheat your electronics.

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