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Inserts into existing woodburning fireplaces:

At Gasland, we are driven by the desire to impress our customers.
Here is a look at some of our inserts.


BEFORE: Existing masonary opening

AFTER: Valor 739 insert with clearview front and square outer trim (2013)

BEFORE: Existing masonary opening

AFTER extreme fireplace makeover: Valor 739IRN with clearview front

Valor insert (2012)

Valor 739IRN with black contemporary front & square trim (2012)

BEFORE: Existing Valor Hearthmount in front of masonary opening

AFTER: Valor G3 Insert with Contemporary Surround in black (Nov. 2010)

Family room fireplace BEFORE extreme makeover.

Family Room fireplace AFTER!

Valor 739ILN with Clearview cast front, clearview fret, black square trim and black brick background (Dec 2011)

BEFORE: Inefficient gas logset in masonary opening

AFTER: Valor G3 insert with Contemporary surround in Brushed Nickel (Nov. 2010)

BEFORE: Free Heat machine circa 1980

AFTER: Valor G3 DV Insert with Cleanview front (Sept 2012)

BEFORE: Before renovating masonary fireplace (2009)

AFTER: After renovating masonary fireplace, Valor G3 insert with 4 sided trim (2009)

BEFORE: Existing woodburning fireplace opening (2009)

AFTER: Valor with clearview front & fret, and square outer trim (2009)

Valor 700IN with rock set (2012)

Valor 739 IRN with clearview cast front (Oct 2008)

Valor 739ILN Insert with Clearview Front and Deluxe Trim (2008)

Valor G3 Insert with 4 sided Vintage Iron trim (Dec 2009)

Valor G3 Insert with Vintage Iron Trim

Valor insert

Valor 739IRN with copper contemporary front (2011)

Valor Insert (Masonary refinished by Penine Estates)

BEFORE: Small masonary opening with gas logset

AFTER: Valor Retrofire with custom 4 sided surround (Nov. 2011)

This cat really likes the new fireplace its owners bought for him. (2010)


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