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Extend your evenings

  These popular electric heaters can be ceiling or wall mounted.  Infratech offers a range of fixture sizes in single and dual element models.  Infratech outdoor heaters use a medium wave quartz element and produce a soft glow, not a harsh red glare.  Made in the USA.
   Electric vs Gas Outdoor Heaters:

   Electric heaters are silent and odorless
   No greenhouse gas emissions
   Require less maintenance than gas
   More efficient
   Offer a streamlined look



  Sunpak Patio Heaters are slimline ceiling or wall mounted radiant gas heaters. They are available in natural gas or propane, and with black or stainless steel finishes.
    Sunpak heaters are made in the USA by Infrared Dynamics, a company that has been making patio heaters for over 20 years.  This means exceptional technical support and parts availability after installation.


   Patio Heaters - What's the Difference?


  Patio Heaters are everywhere.  From the grocery store to the local liquidation center, you can score yourself one of these 9 foot disposable lighters from just about anywhere.  But, how easy is it to throw away $300-400 of your hard-earned money once the pilot won't stay lit and the local box store sends you on a wild goose chase for parts that don't exist in Canada?
  Most of the patio heaters marketed for under $500 are manufactured off-shore with marginal materials.  They are shipped in by the container load without any effort to support the customer after the sale. 

Replacement parts do not exist locally because there is no distributor established to supply them.  Our technicians have had to scrap plenty of these units because a simple part was not available.  The
next time you're thumbing through a flyer and spot a deal that looks too good to be true, resist the "impulse buy" and research the company.
  Gasland is proud to represent Sunglo Patio Heaters by Infra-Red
Dynamics. Made in the USA. These heaters have been the
choice of restaurants for years because they are reliable and
structurally solid.  They outlast and outperform the competition.
 Sunglo is backed by a well-established distributor, located in BC.
We once needed parts and pieces to recondition a model that
was 19 years old and received everything required to complete
the repair within three days.


  Patio Comfort offers complete parts availability and support in a very well priced patio heater. They are available in natural gas and propane.  Beautiful finish choices include jet silver, antique bronze, and stainless steel to fit into any patio design.
  Natural gas and propane versions
Convenient piezo ignition
430 stainless burners and emitter grid
One piece anodized aluminum reflectors




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