Fire Up Your Efficiency

Do you have one of those “builder special” fireplaces with opening doors or no glass doors at all? The kind that hardly gives off any heat as the gas meter keeps on spinning?

FACT: If you have an open gas fireplace in a brick chimney, or a built in gas fireplace with opening doors or no glass at all, it is an inefficient decorative appliance only.

FACT:  In the 1990’s these were built into countless condos and town homes in Surrey, Whiterock, and Delta. What was the cheapest option for the builder was the worst option for the homeowner who has to live with it.

FACT:  If you live with one of these cold, drafty, gas-wasting, environmentally unfriendly appliances, it can feel like you have a window open in the room 24-7. Or you can feel the flow from your central forced air heat being sucked right up the chimney and out of the house.

FACT:  If you have one of these in your home, you need to make sure you have a working carbon monoxide detector installed in that room.

FACT:  Adding a fan to an inefficient builders unit will waste about $250 to blow around some lukewarm air. This is because units without heat exchangers have no way of robbing heat from the exhaust, so all your money still goes up the chimney. If you look carefully at your fireplace, you will likely see a sticker indicating that it is a “decorative appliance only” and should not be used as a heat source (with or without a fan). Plus keep in mind that the sound of a fan can be maddening.

FACT:  We can often convert your fireplace in just a few hours, without requiring a wall renovation or removing/altering your existing fireplace facing. You can begin enjoying the heat from your new fireplace immediately.

FACT:  We have been involved in the gas fireplace industry since the beginning and we have been in this location for 30 years, so we have pretty much seen it all. We have an expansive knowledge base to help you weigh the specific conversion options for your application.

Are you in a strata property which includes gas charges but not electricity? Many people have found that using an efficient gas fireplace for heat instead of electrical baseboards can reduce heating costs significantly. Now is the time to update your energy waster!

The Valor Retrofire has been the most popular choice for customers who are unable to replace their existing b-vent stack with a direct vent option. Often this is the case with people who live in strata properties. The Retrofire with a zero clearance kit can be installed in most applications without requiring alterations to surrounding tile, framing or mantle. This installation can usually be completed in a few hours.

The Retrofire offers superb radiant heat without relying on a fan. This means it is quiet and will operate at peak heating efficiency even during a power failure. It comes with a programmable, digital remote control thermostat and a modulating valve to adjust the flame height according to the room temperature. It has a solid ceramic glass front with a child safety barrier standard. Valors are made in North Vancouver with German-made valves and remotes.

Retrofire by Valor specifications

You can see what conversions look like in our online fireplace photo gallery. Try to find out the make and model number of your existing fireplace or bring in a picture and we can explore your high efficiency options. We will give you a detailed quote specific to your needs, and we can come out for a measure-up as required. Then let our expert installers impress you as they convert your fireplace into a high efficiency heat source this season.

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  1. We are interested in converting our old gas fireplace to an efficient new gas fireplace. We live in White Rock same house since 1985.

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