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Spring is the season when we often get calls from people with
strange jackhammer-like sounds coming from their fireplaces...
often these birds are the culprit.   If you are hearing a sound like this,
go outside and look at the top of your fireplace vent and you may see
something like this video taken at our own home:

You may see a large, brown woodpecker with a black crescent-shaped
mark on its breast - this is the Northern Flicker. These birds will drum on
metal vent pipes, often in the early morning. They also will drum on other
objects that resonate. This drumming may occur during their mating
season March - June.  These birds need all the help they can get -
enjoy their presence. They are fortunate to have survived the rapid
destruction of their habitat and development in this area.  Maybe
you could even provide them with a suet feeder in your yard to assist
them to feed their young this season.



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